NMIMS, Mumbai
The team at Edify by Blue Apple was invited at NMIMS, Mumbai to speak about the shifting culture of learning - from just listening and following to doing and practising. We loved organising this 2 hour interactive session for a group of 50-70 students, led by the Founder & Leading Faculty of Blue Apple Edify, Aakash Dhote.

Here's what it included:
A Creative Activity
We got the students to create the spelling of the name of their favourite Marvel Character through letters that they identify from things in their surroundings. The camera lens became an ā€œOā€ for Iron man and the duster became an ā€œLā€ for Hulk. It aimed at making young minds adaptive to find creativity in all surroundings.
Review of Student Documentaries
Students, especially those in Mumbai for the first time, had a great time filming their own documentaries around the festival of Ganpati. A special screening of these films was held at the seminar, and constructive feedback followed all of them, with tips, tricks and hacks. Diving into the intricacies of shooting a documentary, our team educated the students about the importance of a good storyline, a powerful narration, syncing the shots with the narration and more.
Discussion about Visual Storytelling in any field of work
An insightful discussion on how the best way to communicate your ideas is by simplifying it and making it relatable. So be it finance, sports, or science, there's no field of work where storytelling wouldn't enrich your work.
Why We Do These Seminars?
With our unwavering belief that your dreams are always within reach, no matter when you decide to go after them,
we're committed to equipping budding filmmakers with the know-how and skills to turn their creative visions into captivating narratives.

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